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$49 Value, Must be presented at time of purchase. May not be combined with any other offer.
$425 - 1/2 HP BELT OPENER
Installation & service call fee additional
Must be presented at time of purchase. May not be combined with any other offer.
$1755 - TWO CAR DOOR
Must be presented at time of purchase. May not be combined with any other offer. Standard 16X7 Door.

MasterCraft Garage Door Services Mesa, AZ

MasterCraft has provided garage door repair and installation in Mesa since 2008. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you with and garage door problem, big or small! We offer same day service, repair and free on site consultations for garage door replacement.

Our Top Rated crew is equipped with the knowhow and parts to handle any situation, fast. All MasterCraft’s service vehicles are fully stock with high quality parts to repair all major garage door and garage door opener brands in just one trip. You can trust our highly qualified team to get the job done right every time.

Top Rated Garage Door Repair & Installation

MasterCraft Garage Door Service is a leading garage door repair company located near Mesa, AZ. With their team of highly skilled technicians and commitment to providing exceptional service, they have earned a 5-star rating from satisfied customers. They specialize in repairing garage doors, installing new garage doors, and fixing garage door openers, and they stand behind their work with a full parts and labor warranty.

We Repair Garage Doors in Mesa

When it comes to garage door repair, MasterCraft Garage Door Service has the expertise to handle a wide range of issues. Whether it’s a broken spring, misaligned tracks, damaged panels, malfunctioning opener, or any other problem, their technicians are trained to diagnose and repair the issue efficiently and effectively. They use only high-quality parts and tools to ensure that the repair is done to the highest standards, providing customers with a reliable and safe garage door system. Garage Door repair Mesa, Call us today!

Garage Door Installation is What We Do!

In addition to repair services, MasterCraft Garage Door Service also offers professional installation of new garage doors. They have a wide selection of garage doors to choose from, ranging from traditional to modern styles, in various materials such as steel, wood, and aluminum. Their technicians are experienced in installing garage doors of all types and sizes, and they can help customers choose the perfect door that fits their needs, style, and budget. A properly installed garage door not only enhances the curb appeal of a home but also improves its security and energy efficiency.

Garage Door Spring Repair in Mesa

Garage door spring replacement is an important maintenance task that is necessary for the proper functioning and safety of a garage door system. Garage door springs are responsible for counterbalancing the weight of the door, making it easier to lift and lower. However, over time, garage door springs can wear out, lose tension, or break, necessitating replacement.

The process of garage door spring replacement should always be done by a trained and experienced professional, as it can be dangerous due to the high tension stored in the springs. Attempting to replace garage door springs without proper knowledge and tools can result in serious injuries or property damage.

When it comes to garage door spring replacement, it’s crucial to choose the right type of spring for the specific door and its weight. There are two common types of garage door springs: torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are typically mounted above the garage door and use torque to lift and lower the door, while extension springs are located on the sides of the door and stretch to assist with door movement.

Properly installed and balanced garage door springs are essential for smooth and safe operation of the garage door. They help prevent excessive strain on the opener, minimize wear and tear on other components, and reduce the risk of accidents or injuries caused by a malfunctioning garage door.

Garage door spring replacement is a critical maintenance task that should be carried out by a professional to ensure the safe and efficient operation of a garage door system. Choosing the right type of spring and having it properly installed and balanced is crucial for maintaining the longevity and safety of the garage door. You can count on MasterCraft for your Mesa garage door spring replacement need.

Garage Door Opener Fixed Today

Another area of expertise for MasterCraft Garage Door Service is fixing garage door openers. Garage door openers are a crucial component of the garage door system, providing convenience and security for homeowners. When a garage door opener malfunctions, it can cause inconvenience and disrupt daily activities. MasterCraft Garage Door Service can diagnose and repair all types of garage door opener issues, including motor problems, remote control failures, sensor malfunctions, and more. They carry a wide range of high-quality garage door opener parts, including top brands such as LiftMaster and Genie, to ensure that the repaired opener operates smoothly and reliably.

What sets MasterCraft Garage Door Service apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. They take pride in their 5-star rating, which reflects the positive feedback they have received from their happy customers. They strive to provide exceptional service from the moment customers contact them until the job is complete. Their technicians are friendly, professional, and punctual, and they take the time to explain the repair or installation process to customers, answering any questions they may have. They also offer competitive pricing and provide a detailed estimate before starting any work, so customers know exactly what to expect.

To give customers peace of mind, MasterCraft Garage Door Service stands behind their work with a full parts and labor warranty. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, providing customers with added protection and assurance that their garage door system is in good hands.

MasterCraft Garage Door Service is a reputable and reliable garage door repair company in Mesa, AZ. Their services include repairing garage doors, installing new garage doors, and fixing garage door openers. With their 5-star rating and commitment to customer satisfaction, they have earned the trust of their customers. Their skilled technicians, high-quality parts, competitive pricing, and full parts and labor warranty make them a top choice for all garage door needs in Mesa, AZ.

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Best Team In The Business

MasterCraft Garage Door Service was founded in 2008 by a father and son duo, Stuart and Stuart Jr. They recognized the need for a reliable and professional garage door service company in the Mesa, AZ area, and decided to start their own business to fill that gap. With their combined passion for garage doors and their extensive experience in the industry, they set out to create a company that provides top-notch service to their customers.

Stuart Sr., Air Force Veteran, has been in the garage door industry for over 20 years, gaining valuable knowledge and expertise in repairing and installing garage doors. Stuart Jr., following in his father’s footsteps, also developed a deep understanding of garage doors and their operation. Together, they brought their skills and expertise to create MasterCraft Garage Door Service with a vision of delivering exceptional service and exceeding customer expectations.

Since its founding, MasterCraft Garage Door Service has grown to become a trusted and reputable name in the garage door industry in Mesa, AZ, known for their professionalism, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Their dedication to providing quality service has earned them a loyal customer base and a 5-star rating from satisfied customers. With their strong family values and passion for garage doors, MasterCraft Garage Door Service continues to serve the community with excellence and continues to be a leader in the industry.

Noisy Garage Door

Is your garage door loud, noisy or make grinding sounds when you open and close it? A noisy garage door can be a warning of developing issue. Grinding noises can be due to bearings in the spring system starting to wear out, bad rollers that are not turning or a door that is rubbing up against the stacks. All of these issues can turn in to costly repairs if they are not addressed right away. If you are hearing loud noises coming from your garage door call today and have a MasterCraft technician out to do a complete inspection.

Door Off the Track

When your garage door is off the track, this is called a hung door. If this occurs when the door is not close and is open, it can be very dangerous. If a cable has come off the drum on one side, all of the tension is now pulling up on the still connected side making your garage door crocked. Because of this in balance of tension and the immense force the door can become damage, hurt someone or break your garage door opener. Do not attempted to close the do as this will cause additional damage. Pick up the phone and call the pros at MasterCraft. We will have your garage door back in working order in no time.

Ball Bearing Rollers Are a Must Have on Your Meas Garage Door

Garage door ball bearing rollers are an essential component of a garage door system, playing a crucial role in ensuring smooth and efficient operation. These rollers are designed with precision, using high-quality materials such as steel or nylon, and feature multiple small ball bearings within the roller itself. These ball bearings allow the rollers to rotate smoothly along the garage door tracks, minimizing friction and reducing wear and tear on the door and the opener.

One of the key advantages of ball bearing rollers is their durability. The ball bearings provide superior load-bearing capacity, enabling the rollers to handle the weight of the garage door without jamming or getting stuck. This results in a smoother and quieter operation, reducing the strain on the garage door opener and extending the overall lifespan of the garage door system.

In addition to their durability, garage door ball bearing rollers also contribute to the safety of the garage door. Their smooth and consistent movement helps prevent jerking or sudden stops, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries during operation. Furthermore, their ability to roll effortlessly along the tracks ensures that the garage door remains properly aligned and balanced, preventing it from becoming misaligned or derailing.

Overall, garage door ball bearing rollers are a critical component of any well-functioning garage door system. Their durability, smooth operation, and safety features make them an excellent choice for homeowners who value efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind when it comes to their garage doors.

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Matthew ForemanMatthew Foreman
18:53 15 Jan 24
Great service, professional and communicative
Daniel BotterillDaniel Botterill
21:04 12 Jan 24
Nigel did a great job of installling. He was very particular about the quality of the install. Extremely personable and friendly as well. Highly recommend 5 star.
Tony MarkosTony Markos
19:21 12 Jan 24
The service was excellent!
Josh KaufmabJosh Kaufmab
04:11 11 Jan 24
Eric was great. Came out same day. Explained everything. Very efficient. Highly reccomend.
Edward FlynnEdward Flynn
02:35 11 Jan 24
Prompt, courteous, and professional. Great job Nigel!
Art LeeArt Lee
02:41 13 Dec 23
I had gotten a new garage door from MasterCraft 10 years ago and they did a great job. I hadn't had any issues with the door and now wanted to get a new garage door opener since my old one was extremely old (23 years old) and I only had one working remote. I called MasterCraft since I was pleased with the door replacement. They quoted me a price that was a little bit on the high side but it was for the top of the line LiftMaster. I decided to go forward and they were able to schedule me for the same afternoon. The service technician, Nigel, was extremely friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He identified some parts of the door that were wearing down but didn't necessarily need replacement yet. I went ahead and had the work done nonetheless. He did a thorough and careful job replacing the door springs, rollers, and the seal at the bottom of the door as well as removing my old opener and installing the new one. He patiently explained all of the steps and his work as well as he was doing it. He cleaned up afterwards and also helped program my cars' built-in remotes and set up the other remotes.I was quite pleased and highly recommend MasterCraft for garage door and garage opener work and will continue to use them in the future.
Derek FettersDerek Fetters
19:55 30 Nov 23
I could not be happier with my experience with MasterCraft. They were able to come out same day to diagnose my problem. Nigel was extremely kind and professional in laying out our repair/replacement options. They replaced both of our garage doors; the new ones look great and are so much quieter. I’d highly recommend MasterCraft for any garage door repair or replacement.
We recently had our garage door and garage door opener replaced by MasterCraft technician Nigel Eisler. He did an outstanding job from start to finish. When he initially came to the house to assess the job and provide a project estimate he was professional, friendly, and direct on the scope and cost and options for a replacement garage door and opener. He returned several days later for the installation. His workmanship and performance standards are excellent. He cleaned up as he progressed and helped me re-program our truck and external wireless keypads for the new opener.
Bill BraceBill Brace
08:34 30 Oct 23
Nigel was a very personable and informative young man. Very nice guy. He fixed our garage door springs at a price better than most ( I shopped around). I highly recommend giving Mastercraft Garage Door Service a call! Thanks
Chris WeaverChris Weaver
18:01 27 Oct 23
Nigel does a good job explaining what needs to be done to get your garage doors working well. New springs and rubber seals on the bottom of the doors installed and both doors serviced. Great Job!
Allen HollowayAllen Holloway
21:03 23 Oct 23
Got an appointment quickly, and agent arrived on time. Service was great and problem solved. Thank you.
Manuel D ValenzuelaManuel D Valenzuela
15:27 23 Oct 23
Great communication! Reasonable prices and the job was completed quickly.
Robert DolenRobert Dolen
18:52 19 Oct 23
Good job!
Allison SadowAllison Sadow
03:18 19 Oct 23
From the estimate to the install, Nigel was the best! He helped provide us a few estimates that made sense for us so we could see all the options and he didn’t even make me feel like an idiot when my old opener wasn’t working because the batteries died. Our new garage and opener work great and install was quick and easy. Thank you, Mastercraft and Nigel, for your service!
Christian AlexanderChristian Alexander
02:19 19 Oct 23
Nigel did an awesome job of replacing the springs on my garage door and getting it functional again. I felt that he genuinely cared about doing a great job. I will call on them again for any future garage door needs!
Linda KLinda K
17:37 16 Oct 23
Nigel did an excellent job replacing my garage door. On time and very professional. Recommend Mastercraft to anyone needing garage service.
Chris HalesChris Hales
17:04 14 Oct 23
Stuart did an excellent job of following up with shipment time and install dates. MasterCraft fully utilizes texts to notify customers who will be installing and what they look like for security purposes. Nigel did a great job explaining the install. MasterCraft really cares about the customer experience. Most garage door companies don’t. Neighbors love our new door!
Kathleen HoufKathleen Houf
13:51 13 Oct 23
Eric came during the time expected. He was very professional. He quickly diagnosed and addressed the issue with our garage door. I will use again and recommend this company to others.
Shané GShané G
21:55 02 Oct 23
I’d been having issues with one of my garage doors not wanting to close. Eric came out and got it fixed within minutes of being there. He also noticed a bolt needed to be replaced and took care of it no questions asked. He was super nice and knowledgeable. For someone who works nights, I really appreciate the quick and efficient service. I will definitely be using them from now on. Keep doing a great job.
Pj StortzPj Stortz
00:38 13 Sep 23
Nigel was great, communicated well. Did a good job and explained what it was and how to avoid it. We will definitely refer you to anyone who needs a repair.
P MackP Mack
20:11 11 Sep 23
Super company! Easy to arrange service and notifications are sent when technician is on the way. Technicians are very knowledgeable, efficient, and very polite. They have tuned my garage doors and my daughter's. I highly recommend this company!
adam katzadam katz
22:11 01 Sep 23
Extremely conscientious group!
00:53 30 Aug 23
Good communication before and the day of prior to arrival. Friendly staff. Got the job done in extensive heat. Nothing but positive comments.
ronald romeroronald romero
14:34 29 Aug 23
Nigel repaired my garage door within two hours after contacting MasterCraft. Thank you!
John PryorJohn Pryor
22:42 28 Aug 23
I am a real estate agent, and mastercraft is the only garage door company I trust to refer my clients. Smooth operation, always on time, affordable prices… I am always nervous, referring different contractors, except for Mastercraft! Always reliable!
Doug LDoug L
01:00 02 Aug 23
Great experience! Stuart at MasterCraft Garage Door Service LLC was quick to respond to my request and offered a competitive price to replace Wayne Dalton 16X8 garage door. From initial visit to installation it took 24 hours. Nigel, the technician installing the door, was friendly and communicated through entire process. I recommend them with 100% confidence!I did have them come back to do some minor adjustments on the door which is under warranty. This was done quickly and with professionalism.I highly recommend that you have entire garage door jamb (trim) replaced around garage upon installation for an extra fee. This will make sure new garage door seals up tight. The Arizona sun is tough on the trim. I also recommend upgrading to nylon ball bearing wheels instead of factory plastic wheels. Trust me you will love the smooth sound of these wheels!!!
Kolynn GardeaKolynn Gardea
22:11 21 Jul 23
MasterCraft was excellent installing my new garage door. The technicians arrived on time and the work was completed at the promised time. They were very professional and cleaned everything up. They showed me all the controls and how to open it manually in an emergency. The door looks great and operates very quietly. I would definitely recommend MasterCraft.
Jody AdamsJody Adams
21:13 02 Jun 23
We have used MasterCraft garage door service for a few years and love their service. It is easy to schedule maintenance and they text you when they are on the way. I would highly recommend MasterCraft. Our tech Keiten did a great job!
Red 6Red 6
01:25 24 May 23
Perfect service. MasterCraft Garage fixed my hung garage door within 2 hrs of me contacting them. My door broke at 4pm and my door was completely repaired by 6pm. Absolutely amazing service. I spoke with the owner Stuart and he answered my many questions. The technician that quickly arrived was Eric. He has 9 years with the company and was a complete pro. I really appreciate their fast and professional response. Highly recommended.
Adam MartinAdam Martin
23:31 02 May 23
Had a great experience with MasterCraft Garage Door Service. Nigel was prompt, professional, and very knowledgeable. Work was completed in a timely manner and at a competitive price. Would recommend MasterCraft and Nigel for your garage door service needs.
Roceleigh EdaRoceleigh Eda
18:58 26 Apr 23
I called Mastercraft Garage Door around 8:30 am because I wasn’t able to open my garage door this morning. I was given an appointment window from 10 am to 12 pm by the customer representative named Colin. He was sympathetic to my minor crisis and he took my information down. He was extremely professional and took care of my customer needs swiftly. Exactly at 10 am, Eric, my door garage mechanic, knocks on my front door . I could tell by his knock that he wasn’t an aggressive door knocker like some other hired person who can sometimes knock so hard that it would make you jump. He did an assessment on my garage door which took about 8-10 min and discussed with me what the problem was. Then he presented my treatment options and answered our questions and let us decide which option we were comfortable with. He let me know that he had all the supplies in his truck and gave me an estimated time to complete the job. He was done in a timely manner and had me evaluate the result. It was as good as new. Several times Eric had to go through my front door to the garage service door and each time that he came into the house he always gave a a polite courtesy hello. I only had a few questions on maintenance and he was able to answer them knowledgeably. From phone call to assessment to service and payment everything was seamless, productive, and professional. Eric is such a nice guy and super professional. He should be recognized amongst his coworkers and big boss for having a genuinely awesome attitude, is super punctual, friendly, and works very hard. I will ask for him by name if I ever need maintenance in the future and if anyone in Go Gilbert asks for recommendations, I will also share his name as well as the company he represents. Thank you for fixing our garage door!
Michael FordMichael Ford
13:46 23 Apr 23
Nigel did an awesome job tuning up my garage door. It is so quite when opening/closing the door. I am very pleased with the tuneup, door seems as if he installed a new door. I would recommend him to anyone. Also, he was very pleasant. Awesome job Nigel!
Tim ZeeTim Zee
00:28 20 Mar 23
Mastercraft garage door service replaced our garage door opener including rails, and sensors. The installation went extremely well. Nigel clearly explained the options available to us, answered our questions and completed the work to our satisfaction. We contacted Mastercraft in the morning and the installation was done that afternoon.
Madhu MuruvandaMadhu Muruvanda
00:15 24 Feb 23
Very recently we had to get our Garage door spring repaired as it broke. So it was frantic call to all garage companies. We had different companies provide quote quickly, and Mastercraft was a better choice for us. Nigel was very professional, he did not force anything, and gave us options. We are very picky and how we do things, but we felt very comfortable working with Nigel and Stuart. Right off the bat they came across as very genuine, and we went with them. We replaced 2 doors , single and double doors, replaced motor for one . They were very prompt and kept me informed at all times on the schedule, completion etc. While they were installing the door frames, they noticed one of them had slight dent- probably from the manufacturers yard. I would have never noticed, but they made a note of it and quickly got a new panel swapped in. That is top notch customer service which I totally appreciated. They were able to switch my old motor to 2nd door without any extra charge and also cleaned up good. I for once was totally impressed by their professionalism, honesty and clean work. Nigel was very friendly and nice to work with. I am usually a very hard critique but this time they made it very easy. Thank you Nigel and Stuart for job well done. I am glad I went with a neighborhood company as it also helps our community.
Scott ApplebachScott Applebach
17:06 16 Feb 23
Woke up to a broken garage door spring and a door that would not open. I called MasterCraft Garage Door Service at 7:34 am and someone answered...even though they don't open until 8 am. I received a quote for new springs and made an appointment for noon. At 8:20am Nigel called and said he was 10 minutes away. When he arrived he assessed the damage and went straight to work. He had the door running again inside of an hour. Most importantly there was no upcharge selling. The price quoted on the phone was the price I paid. He made recommendations but no pressure. I appreciate that MasterCraft is a family owned business and their service was amazing. Need a repair or new door? This is the company to call. Thanks again Nigel.
Debi & Bill MorrisseyDebi & Bill Morrissey
05:27 23 Dec 22
I received fast repair for my garage door from Mastercraft garage door, specifically Nigel. He was on time and polite knows his products well. Explained the process thoroughly and had an answer for all my questions. This was my first time using this company, and I am completely satisfied, I highly recommend giving their company a try.It was 24 hours from broken garage door to a perfectly working garage door!!
Harry SinghHarry Singh
20:19 30 Sep 22
Needless to say, it was less than desirable experience for Nigel (MasterCraft technician) and I to communicate with Service Plus Home Warranty staff. We spent over two hours on the phone to obtain authorization. Only positive of the experience was working with Nigel from MasterCraft as he was professional and patience with the process. Kudos to him for getting the job done and for not leaving my garage door and I hanging.Highly recommend MasterCraft but NOT the Service Plus Home Warranty.
Mary BurgerMary Burger
21:25 19 Sep 22
We’ve had MasterCraft out a few times now over the last 12 years for repairs and also installation of a new opener. Every time the technician is so kind, professional, and answers any questions we have in a friendly, knowledgeable way. We highly recommend the company!
Bryan GrinbergBryan Grinberg
22:04 16 Aug 22
The next morning after my garage door spring had snapped I called MasterCraft. I spoke with Stuart who scheduled me a same day appointment to come and do the repairs. Within an hour Nigel had contacted me and was on-site correcting the issue. The door now functions better than before and he couldn't have done a cleaner job. No hard upsells or overpriced invoice. Great job gentleman!! I would definitely recommend you call them first for service or replacement.
Myla MorganMyla Morgan
15:03 23 Jun 22
Nigel came out to replace a dual springs and cables the other day. He was courteous and polite just like other reviewers mentioned. He was quick but thorough and gave us tips on how to better maintain our garage. Nigel also pointed out an issue with our garage opener and suggested to contact the manufacturer which we were able to resolve. I would definitely recommend MasterCraft Garage Door Service and will certainly keep them in mind for future needs.
Garry LewickiGarry Lewicki
18:38 29 Apr 22
Called to have someone come out for a quote on getting an overhead opener replaced and instead got a reasonable, all inclusive quote write over the phone. Took me aback for a minute that this business was not trying to take advantage. And then got onto the schedule for the same day. And when Nigel came to install the opener, no surprises, no up-selling just straight, honest business. Very refreshing and very, very satisfied
Rodney WhaleyRodney Whaley
02:07 20 Apr 22
These guys were extremely helpful and polite. I wanted to replace my torsion spring myself, just for the experience of it mainly. They gave all kinds of advice not only on installing the spring but which springs to to go with. Also advising to go from a single spring to a double spring. The installation was fairly easy and their advise definitely helped. I definitely understood much better as I was doing the actual install.
Michael GoelzMichael Goelz
18:38 08 Apr 22
This morning, I went to retrieve my garbage can and opened the garage door only to find out that it was binding, and eventually stopped working. I called Mastercraft, and spoke with James. He was able to get a service person (Nigel) out within an hour. I was very pleased with the promptness and found out that my 18 year old garage door opener had stripped the trolley, and the door was out of balance. All things were fixed within an hour after Nigel arrived and I was back in business. I will need to have the springs replaced in the near future.Overall, a very pleasant experience with the company. They were my first choice as the reviews were outstanding. Would definitely recommend them.
ron milanovicron milanovic
21:45 17 Sep 21
Eric did a fantastic install. Friendly and explained everything throughly. Helped me install the app. Couldn't have done it without him. Thank you Eric