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At MasterCraft, we believe in earning your business before charging you anything. We guaranty the best value and highest quality of service. Our experienced, Professional technicians will come to your house, diagnose the problem and give you fair and honest estimate at no charge.

At MasterCraft We Never Charge A Service Call Fee!!
Garage Door Repair and Service

At MasterCraft we never charge a service call fee. There is no obligation to buy. We guaranty the best value and highest quality of service. Our experienced, Professional technicians will come to your house, diagnose the problem and give you a fair and honest estimate at no charge.
Garage Door Opener Service and Repair

We service and repair all major manufacturers such as Chamberlain Liftmaster Sears Craftsmen Genie and Linear.... Our trained technicians can diagnose and repair damaged or faulty safety/sensor eyes, stripped gear assemblies, screw drive couplers, motherboards, broken chains or belts and much more. Call today for a free inspection.

Broken Springs?

Springs are the engine that lifts your garage door, without them the door will not open. When they break, having them fixed quickly is a must, especially if your car is stuck inside. When this occurs call MasterCraft for same day service.

Springs that are worn out but not yet broke can be deceiving, the spring(s) are intact but not lifting the proper amount of weight. This causes your garage door opener to do more work than it is designed to do and will damage the opener and cause addition problems with the garage door.

To avoid this you should keep an eye on the performance of your spring(s). Simply put the door in the down position, release the opener form the door and lift it by hand. The door should almost lift its self. If it does not, your spring(s) need to be adjusted or replaced. If you are not sure, call us
and one of our trained technicians will come out and perform a free inspection. Don't wait for
problems to multiply.

Our Springs

At MasterCraft we only carry the highest quality materials which are essential for long lasting quality garage door repairs. Springs come in a variety of different sizes and type. We carry 1¼" oil tempered 45,000 cycle springs that feature a 10 year warranty*.

How many springs should my door have?

Button Two car garage doors should have 2 springs installed. It is common to see home builders in an effort to save money
use only one. Due to the weight of a two car garage door, a single spring does not provide an even lift, nor the longevity of
a two spring system.

Garage Door Rollers

Rollers carry the weight of your garage door. With the door in the up position the rollers must bear more than 250lbs of weight as they turn. Rollers that perform smoothly every time are critical to the life and proper operation of your garage door. Plastic non-bearing rollers are simply a plastic wheel that rotates on a metal shaft. Metal on plastic, especially in the Arizona heat, is not a very good combination for a smooth ride. Quickly the plastic wheel becomes worn in the center around the metal shaft and begins to elongate. Along with dust build up, these rollers begin to drag along instead of rolling. This causes extreme strain on the opener and the overall operation of your garage door.

A quality ball bearing roller is key to the quiet and smooth opening and closing of your garage door. We feature a sealed 13 ball bearing neoprene coated roller. The sealed 13 bearing hub allows the roller to spin freely and last much longer than the standard metal on plastic rollers. The neoprene coat around the wheel dampens vibration and permits for a much quieter operation. Much like a skate board or roller blade wheels, even under a couple hundred pounds of pressure, they roll smoothly. We warranty full ball bearing roller sets for life. We guarantee they will make your door perform better and extend the life of your door system.

* 2 springs must be installed on two car garage doors to qualify for the 10warranty. 1 spring install on a two car garage door carries a
1 year warranty.

MasterCraft offer garage door spring repair in Gilbert AZ, Chandler AZ, Mesa AZ and the Greater Phoenix Area

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